Gmail Notifier


Gmail Notifier Pro  v.4.2.3

Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows software capable of checking multiple Gmail accounts for new mail and notify the user. Easy to use, feature rich and very customizable.

B2 Labs Gmail Notifier

[b²] Gmail Notifier is a freeware Animated Gmail Notifier for Windows, MacOS and Linux - it's based on Adobe AIR technology - with cool animations that will notify you about new email messages.


Gmail Notifier 2  v.1.2.1

Small clone of google gmail notifier with some usability improvements. The Gmail Notifier 2 software was designed to be a small clone of google gmail notifier with some usability improvements. Gmail Notifier 2 Features: 1. Safe new email popup

JSM Gmail Notifier  v.

JSM Gmail is an alternative for Google's Gmail Notifier. It is a simple software for Windows and runs in the system tray. At given intervals it connects to your Gmail mailbox and checks for new mail messages. Whenever new messages appear in your

Immensus Gmail Notifier  v.

Immensus Gmail Notifier is a cross-platform google mail notification application, will keep you updated with your Gmail account.

Physical GMail Notifier  v.2

Physical GMail Notifier will notify you with a blinking led of new mails. When youve got new mail, in your GMail inbox, a led blinks. By modding the source you can make new alerts, like sound alerts, vibration alerts,

Gdow  v.2012.0416

Gdow is a highly configurable Gmail notifier. It can notify you with a classic messsage box, a popup balloon or a transparent animated form. Here is a list of (some of) its Gmail account management abilities: 1. move mail to trash 2. move mail to

You've Got Gmail!  v.1.0

You've Got Gmail is a Gmail notifier plugin for Trillian Pro Works Trillian Astra too!

You've Got Gmail for Trillian  v.1.0

You've Got Gmail is a Gmail notifier plugin for Trillian Pro (version >= 2.0).You can manage your Gmail accounts,

Gmail Herald  v.0.3

Gmail Herald is an alternative Gmail Notifier for Windows and potentially other systems due to its being a Qt project.

Email Password Recovery Master

Email Password Recovery Master will retrieve any lost or forgotten email account password, which has been cached by such popular mail clients as Eudora, The Bat!, Becky, IncrediMail, Gmail Notifier, Group Mail Free, PocoMail, etc. Users will only need to

MultiG  v.2.0.6

MultiG is a Gmail notifier with the ability to monitor up to six Google accounts.

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